An instant classic that gives wisdom to children of all ages. On the wide plains of Africa, the elephant and the termite rely on each other for survival. How, you say? Well, the elephant knocks down trees to get seed pods, so there’s plenty of dead wood for the termites to eat. But how can a tiny termite help a giant elephant to survive? You'll have to read the book yourself and find out! Neither one knows that the other one even exists, yet they need each other in order to live. The Elephant and the Termite isn't just a book about Africa, but about all life on Earth.

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About Ishe

Ishe (short for Isheanesu) was born in Zimbabwe in 1985 and studied biology and biochemistry at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo. He left his studies to persue a full time career in art, his true passion and calling. He worked as a graphic artist and cartoonist for a local newspaper before launching a magazine with two of his friends. He does extensive freelance art and graphic design work for various companies in his spare time.

Very active among the young artistic scene in Zimbabwe, Ishe regularly promotes himself at local art galleries and creative events. He currently lives in the town of Shamva (80km north of Harare) with his parents who work at the local school.

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About Damian

Damian is a lifelong documentary photographer who originally hails from Newark, Delaware. Damian earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Anthropology from Boston University and boarded a plane bound for Kyrgyzstan shortly after, where he taught English for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. After thirteen months as a Fulbright scholar in Kyrgyzstan, he returned to the United States to study digital photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He also wrote and produced a full-length play which premiered June, 2009.

Damian lives most of his days overseas with his wife, son, and toy poodle.


About The Project

A safari expedition in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe inspired Damian to write this children’s story. While staying at Bomani Tented Lodge, Damian saw that every creature in the park is connected to one another. But this is not just a story about Africa. In Damian’s travels as a teacher, scholar and diplomat, he observed that all life on earth is connected, no matter how big or how small. Isheanesu was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and is inspired by the natural and man-made environment around him. He works with materials of all types, taken from the world around him. As part of Zimbabwe’s thriving community of young artists, Isheanesu hopes to study art in the United States.

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