Pei as Sevara

Last fall I wrote a new play called Sevara, Destroyer of Worlds. I had hoped to send it to some theater festivals and produce it from overseas, but what’s the fun of producing a play if you’re not around to see it? None at all. So I decided to change the medium and pen the script as a comic book. There are still a few comic book companies who read unsolicited submissions, which can all be found listed here on this very handy website. I’ll be sending out the script soon, but in the meanwhile I couldn’t resist doing a mock up of the cover for one of the issues to get people interested.

Pei is of course my model.

What’s the story about?

“Sevara: Destroyer of Worlds” is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the desperate world of freedom fighters who strive to rid humankind of its evils. Using advanced technology from her own time period, Sevara has incredible powers that allow her to change from, hibernate for centuries and defy death in an effort to reshape the ideologies of a rotten and decayed humanity. But as she and her followers suffer defeat after defeat against he forces of evil, her adventures lead her to the realization that the innate cruelty of human nature may have indeed sprung from an impenetrable fortress – her own heart. Sevara ultimately must resort to extreme measures to make her dream of universal peace a reality.

Sevara: Destroyer of Worlds

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