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Yovon Orphanage


bane, ruin, curse, imprecation

This is the first in the series WAR. We are the victims. Yet victim implies powerlessness, guilt, and the shadow of blame. The dead blame no one.


Here are snapshots from my family vacation in Riga. I took my D700 and only my 20mm lens, and tried not to bore my wife and kid by stopping every two seconds to shoot.

Postcards from Riga

Riga Storefront

Shattered Beauty


The Doctor's Office

Phe cut his knee, so we went to the doctor’s office. As always, he was the star of the show, which helped me get these shots.

The Candy Store

Rudaki Avenue

Dushanbe is very quiet this time of year and all times of year. By six, everything is closed. Girls don’t walk the streets alone. They hold hands. Kids buy candy from a kiosk. Sometimes, the president’s motorcade roars by.


The Southern Rail

The Overpass

The windows of the passenger cars are mostly shattered, cracked, pockmarked with holes and scars. As the trains tremble through Uzbekistan, I am told the Uzbek children throw stones at the trains. Now, the windows are protected with metal grates and bars to guard from the flying stones. Many of the passengers are labor migrants, making their way to Russia to do seasonal unskilled work. Russia both hates these laborers, and needs them to survive. This was all one country once.

Chair in the Palace of the Nations, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.